The iStreams suite of apps display the valid hourly tidal stream atlas for the current real time, with reference to the time of high water at Portsmouth. The app is fully functional offline and includes tools to measure tide set and interpolated rate. Pinch to zoom; tap location button to show your actual boat position on the chart. The ‘Rate’ tool calculates the interpolated tidal rate when between neaps and springs. The ‘Set’ tool measures the precise true course of any tidal stream arrow (in-app purchase). For forward planning, tap to select a future date and view tidal stream data for that date.

iPlotter Solent HD

Screenshot of iPlotter app showing map and navigation view.

iPlotter Solent HD is a marine passage planner for iPad with Solent markers and buoys database. Other databases are available. Sectors are added to a passage plan by selecting waypoints from a database, whereupon the true course and distance is calculated. Magnetic variation is automatically determined and so the magnetic heading is derived. At this point the tidal stream direction and flow can be entered to allow calculation of the course to steer, speed over the ground and time for the sector. Navigation view shows a vectored display (track up) of the passage plan and local waypoints. Map view shows the passage plan and waypoints overlaid on a map (internet connection required). Simulator mode runs the entire passage plan with simulated boat position and data. GPS mode updates the map and navigation views with actual boat position and data (providing your device has GPS capability).

iPlotter works anywhere in the world.

(Note: local waypoints must be added to the database, manually or by holding down a finger on the map, or by importing a .csv file).

Dutchman’s Log

Screenshot of Dutchman's Log app showing speed calculation.

Dutchman’s Log is a utility to measure your boat speed over the water. It can also be used to calibrate or to check accuracy of your speed/log device.

A boat’s speed may be estimated by timing how long the boat takes to pass a floating object.


Screenshot of iHeatLoss app showing floor dimensions added into heat loss calculations

This utility calculates the fabric and ventilation heat loss from a room, enabling a plumber or heating engineer to select a radiator with the correct heat output for that room. The app keeps track of the calculation for each room and gives a total for the entire building, revealing the required total heat output from the boiler. Units in BTU and watts.

E6b Pilot

Screenshot of E6b Pilot showing Track - Distance screen with Great Circle and Rhumb Line calculations

E6b Pilot is an e6b calculator for iPhone and iPad with 5 primary and 23 supporting utilities to assist the private or professional pilot in flight planning.

Also included is a timer with alarms and a live weather info facility (TAF and METAR from ICAO coded airfields).

A single leg flight plan may be constructed after calculating course and distance, heading and ground speed, fuel and time, weight and balance and costing.

In addition to Flight Planning, E6b includes wind triangle calculations, altitude and airspeed calculations, vertical navigation and conversion utilities for volume, weight, distance, temperature, pressure, airspeed and volume to weight plus holding patterns, critical point, point of no return and sunrise and sunset.

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