About Us

Navtech Software are UK app developers, in business since the 1990s programming for the Psion and now specialising in iOS iPhone, iPad and Android.

At the age of 13 Colin took up guitar. He was playing gigs at 17 and became a professional musician at 21. He went on to work in West End shows and played in Les Miserables for 14 years.

He acquired a private pilot’s licence at the age of 28 and taught himself programming to write the kind of aviation apps he was looking for but couldn’t find on the shelves.

Early applications included an electronic logbook, e6b utilities and EFIS flight planning software. As new platforms came to the market, the software was ported to these new devices.

Gradually, programming took over from music and he now specialises as a full-time developer in iOS and Android. He’s written apps for yoga, fitness, the motor industry, education and music, and continues to write apps related to aviation and sailing.

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