What makes a great app?

Navtech Software are UK app developers, programming for the Psion in the 1990s and now specialising in iOS iPhone, iPad and Android. Making an app can be a complex process. It will probably involve a number of different people (unless you possess all the necessary skills yourself – coding, design, marketing). So throughout what may […]

What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is simply a diagram of your app. It doesn’t have to be beautiful. It does have to be comprehensive. It is the link between what’s in your head, and what will eventually appear in physical form on the App Store or Google Play. It needs to show everything that happens in the app, […]

What is an NDA?

NDA means non disclosure agreement. It is a contract which you and your developer both sign, attesting that your developer will respect the confidentiality of the information you provide. It frees you to talk about your ideas, so have one in place before you begin any kind of detailed discussion. For more information and sample: […]


Q: What is Swift? A: Swift is Apple’s new programming language for (iOS)iPhone and iPad apps and (OS X) Mac. It works side-by-side with Objective C but it is a new language in its own right. Q: Was there a need for a new language? A: C has been around for about 40 or more […]